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Agendas are posted online approximately ten working days prior to the next Board, PAC or General Membership meeting. Members are welcome to attend via Zoom any SCALE Board meeting, as well as the General Membership meetings.  Contact Scale Office for Zoom information.

2024 Board Meetings

2024 General Membership Meetings

Location Addresses

Crime Lab 
4800 Broadway 
Sacramento, CA 95820


Coroner's Office 
4800 Broadway 
Sacramento, CA 95820


DA's Office 
901 G Street, 4th Floor 
Sacramento, CA 95814


3701 Power Inn Rd. 
Sacramento, CA 95826

Public Defender's Office 
700 H Street 
Sacramento, CA 95814


Park Rangers 
10361 Rockingham Suite 100 
Sacramento, CA 95827


Welfare Fraud (DHA)
3075 Prospect Park Drive, Room 172 
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


SCCJEU Office 
2366 Gold Meadow Way Suite 200
Gold River, CA 95670

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